Our Story

Our founder graduated with an LLB, studied for the New York State Bar with BARBRI and enrolled on the Bar Professional Training Course with BPP.

The Disability Representation Unit was founded by a girl with dreams to practice at the Criminal Bar.  She graduated with an LLB, studied for the New York State Bar with BARBRI and enrolled on the Bar Professional Training Course to train to become a barrister.


It wasn't until the birth of her younger brother diagnosed with autism (aged 3),  epilepsy at age 16, that her life trajectory took a change.


She would balance her academic and vocational commitments with supporting her mother in her role as the primary carer to interpret legislation and guidance in relation to Special Educational Needs and Disability..


Her brother shaped what would become a passionate interest in using what she knew of the law to fight for the rights of young people with special educational needs and disability whether that be accessing services such as short breaks or direct payments or securing the right provision in their educational settings.


But what started out as a big sister's love and pride in advocating for her disabled brother to ensure his needs were met, quickly transformed into a social enterprise with a mission to improve life chances for children and young people with special educational needs and disability.

Our Vision


Our vision  is that all children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) are supported to maximise their chances of success.

Our Values


  • We develop and offer services around the needs of parent carers who want to achieve and secure the best possible outcomes for their children across education, health and social care and support. 

  • We make sure injustices do not go unchallenged. 

  • We monitor emerging developments and changes to policy and in the law relevant to those who use our service. 

  • We are independent of all statutory bodies and official organisations.

  • We develop and deliver our work to the highest possible standards. 

  • We train and consult with providers and practitioners in the field of special education and social care. 

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Diligent and Professional

A good friend of mine introduced me to the DRU back in 2018 due to the extreme personal difficulties I was experiencing as a single Mother with a special needs child .The DRU assisted me to finally receive a 4 hour then 10 hour care package for my Daughter .I was also assisted with Education issues I was experiencing such as school transport, EHCP and sixth form issues in which all cases had a remarkable outcome for my daughter and myself .Through out all my cases/issues the DRU never failed to ask me if there was anything else I would like to raise or discuss with them.The service and advise i received from DRU was and still is absolutely amazing, clear, thorough, informative, supportive and work in such a diligent professional manner. I would highly recommend them without a doubt.

from Sharon



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