Home to school travel assistance (appeals included)

Local Authorities are responsible for assessing the travel and transport needs of children or young people against local and national criteria in the provision of home to school transport. 

While many children and young people can make their own way to school or college either accompanied by their parents or independently,  for some children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) this may not be possible, either because their school is too far away, because they are not able to walk (and cannot reasonably be expected to walk to school) or because they can’t use public transport in the same way as other children. 

How do we help?

If you are at the stage where you need to apply for travel assistance or want to appeal the outcome of a decision, we can help you complete a new application or draft an appeal, at all stages of the process. 

In all cases, we will discuss and ask you to obtain the relevant evidence that should form part of the application and/or appeal.