The experiences with public bodies for many parents and guardians with children and young people that have special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) can be frustrating. 

Parents and carers report difficulties with accessing services such as short breaks, concerns with how service from a home care provider is not being delivered safely in the home or in the community, or LA failures to act. 

If things have gone wrong, you or the person you have the right to act for, can complain.

What do we do?


We will write your complaint for you, at any stage of an organisations internal complaint process.


We have written complaint letters and appeals for families in relation to: difficulty accessing services for their child or young person, or direct payments, challenging the outcome of a Care Act assessment and/or care and support plan, problems around an agency providing care, significant delays by the Local Authority to issue a final EHC plan or the Local Authority withdraws or reduces a service. 

We give ideas/recommendations on the content, structure, tone and approach of the complaint and where appropriate apply the relevant legislation, regulation or guidance. 


The letter is yours, you control what it says and the message you want to convey. It is signed off in your name.

We will identify the Local Authority or schools complaint policy on your behalf.  You will have an opportunity to review a first draft of the complaint we write and direct any further amendments you would like.


A final letter is signed off in your name and sent directly to you electronically.

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